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Why Your Brand Matters

When it comes to branding on social media, it really doesn't matter if you have a fantastic product or memorable service because truth is, if you don't have an established brand, you won't see the results you're hoping for. And we both know you deserve those results.

Branding is important because it's what establishes your credibility. Determine what you stand for, and work to become consistent with your target audience. Once people realize the way you feel about your brand, that's when they start seeing your services as valuable. Your existing customer base is probably your biggest asset as a small business. Loyal customers are who support you through the wins and the slip ups.

You also want to be sure to stand out from competitors, which can be done through proper branding. Think, "Why is this important to my followers?", "Does my brand relate to my audience"? Share what makes you unique while remaining relatable.

Finally, you want your brand to be one that is remembered after the fact. While it may sound silly, your brand should really be reflecting a story. Tell your audience your story and why you want them to be apart of it. That way, you won't just be pushing products or services on them, instead you are making them feel like they are apart of something that matters.

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