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Branding by Gabriella: My Story

It’s no secret that starting a business from the ground up is hard work. When I first started thinking about Branding by Gabriella one year ago, millions of “whys” filled my head constantly.

I thought, “Why am I putting so much money, time and energy into something I’m not sure will get me anywhere? Can I really do this all on my own? Are people going to trust me with their brands that are their livelihood? Those are just a sliver of the “whys” that ran through my head before I noticed that they were actually standing in my way of determining my own success.

If you were to tell me back at the start of my college career that I would start my own business right out of college, I wouldn’t believe you, because I didn’t have the self love for that. Long story short, my high school career was no where near the best four years of my life. While for many of my friends, high school was just another stepping stone. For me, it was a period in my life that resulted in major trauma for years past. I struggled daily with abusive relationships and my body image. My self esteem plummeted, and every scrap of confidence was taken from me. That was gone for a long time.

When it came time to go to college, I made the decision that my lack of confidence wasn’t going to define the next part of my life. I became a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, and found my voice for sexual assault awareness by serving as the president for Coalition Against Sexual and Interpersonal Violence (CASIV).

CASIV was truly where I felt I had my first breakthrough not only emotionally, but in regards to branding. When I first joined the organization, I noticed how little members they had. I thought, “How are there only this many members? Who wouldn’t want to get behind something like this?” From there I asked if I could take over social media. I honestly didn’t think posting pictures would do much, because there wasn’t a huge following already. I then began to realize that while the reason behind the organization was great, there was no real branding or identity.

From there I worked tirelessly to great logos and graphics. I then followed all of the student organizations and followed up with them constantly, asking to collaborate. By being consistent and establishing who we were as an org really helped skyrocket the attention we received on campus. Fast forward four years later and CASIV is one of the most well known organizations on campus and is

. I couldn’t be prouder, and look forward to helping them continue to grow.

This showed me that with the right branding and a consistent social media presence, your business and organizations are LIMITLESS. I love working with small businesses because I understand them personally more than the corporate marketing managers might. I’m not just chasing a check or another account to add on my belt. I understand the countless hours, sweat, money and tears that get put into these businesses. I want them to succeed, and to reach their maximum potential. Each small business is not cookie cutter. They all have different needs in many different ways, and I’ve made it my mission to work with these small business owners side by side to grow their brand, THEIR WAY.

Social media marketing and branding really should be fun! As a small business owner myself, I’m growing as I go too! Get in contact with me and let’s grow together!

Cheers to new beginnings!

Gabriella xx

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