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Become Your Best Self by Staying Consistent

Full transparency here, prior to starting by own business, I was the QUEEN of being inconsistent. When I was still in school I knew that I took on more than the average student. I often felt like even though I was so involved, I missed out on a lot.

It was just that I had so many passions, it became extremely difficult to stay on top of everything. However, I loved everything I did way too much to give anything up. Now, I'm not sure if anyone reading this feels like they've dealt with this in some way, but it can become isolating. I felt like I had no work/life balance, and that all I did was work towards goals I often got no credit for, and kept waiting for a pat on the back.

Newsflash, it doesn't work like that. Just because you're giving it your all doesn't mean the rest of the world will acknowledge it 100% of the time, which sucks. Once I really grasped that concept, I knew things needed to change. Protecting your own mental by staying consistent is KEY. People recognize consistency.

Getting myself organized was my first order of business. You guys...I seriously used to write my schedule on my wrist in Sharpie. No wonder I was a mess! I literally felt like the skies opened up when I invested in a planner. I made sure to block out my time each day, and made a bullet point list of goals I wanted to achieve each week. I went from struggling to remember where I had to be and when, to writing down EVERYTHING.

From there, I had to teach myself the importance of balance and flexibility. I incorporated all of my tasks into a routine, and made sure to block out time for myself. I try not to be too hard on myself when I didn't get to accomplish every little thing in one day. If I could give you any advice it would be to remember that your days aren't in black and white. Each day is different and you need to remain flexible. I also learned to acknowledge when I wasn't in the best mindset, and spent that time taking care of myself mentally and physically.

You might think how does staying consistent on your own affect your business? Well, when you learn consistency, it will transfer over. You're building up trust by showing up every time for your clients and showing them how much you care. You may have the perfect idea or the perfect strategy, but the truth is, if it isn't executed consistently every time, it won't get you where you deserve to be.

Staying consistent is key to growing not only a business, but vital when it comes to taking care of yourself as well. Don't be ashamed of how much you can handle. Do a little bit each day, even if it feels small to start.

I promise the results will speak for themselves. We got this!

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